On the Catholicity of Anglicanism
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 04:10PM
Embryo Parson in Church of England, Dogmatic Theology, Eastern Orthodoxy, English Reformation, Episcopacy, Evangelical and Catholic, Historical Theology, Roman Catholicism, Traditional Anglicanism

Series of articles on Anglican catholicity by Fr. Matthew Kirby at the Continuum blog.  Fr. Kirby calls this a series of essays "on the Catholicity of Anglican Catholicism", but as you will see he is dealing with the Church of England (and its progeny) in its "classical" manifestation, not its Anglo-Catholic one.  He believes full catholicity is right there in the Elizabethan Settlement,  which of course was the matrix of later Caroline divinity, on which the Oxford Movement relied for much of its rationale.  Not to be missed.  Adding this one to the sidebar.

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